Caught on camera: Kozhikode man falls of ledge, rescued by onlooker

Meanwhile, a woman in Varkala jumps of a three-storied building to save her baby
Screen grabs from the CCTV visual
Screen grabs from the CCTV visual

The CCTV visual of a man rescuing a man who was about to fall of a building has lit up social media. In the video, two men are seen standing in the corridor of a building. Both of them have their backs rested against a mid-high parapet. All of a sudden, one of the men, his arms crossed under his chest seems to lean back. He is about to fall of the ledge backwards when the alert man beside him grabs on to his leg. Soon, several others, including a policeman, gather to pull the man back to safety.

Thayyil Mittal Baburaj’s presence of mind and reflex helped save Binu alias Babu from death earlier this week. The duo was waiting at the first floor corridor of the Vadkara branch of the Kerala Bank in Kozhikode when the incident occurred. Both Binu, an employee of the Uralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society Ltd and Baburaj, a construction worker were waiting for their turn at the bank when Binu fainted. The incident that was captured on the CCTV camera has been widely circulated on social media. Baburaj, who has been lauded for his quick reflex and daring rescue was honoured at the LDF Memunda area convention.

Meanwhile, a 25-year-old woman died after jumping from the terrace of three storied building in a bid to rescue her six month old baby. Nima, a resident of Edava, Varkala, was playing with her daughter Nifa when the child slipped from her hands while playing on the terrace of their flat. In a moment of panic, Nima jumped after her daughter in order to save her. Nifa managed to miraculously escape as she fell on a pile of discarded clothes. Although Nima who suffered grievous head injury was rushed to a private hospital at Varkala, she succumbed to her injuries.

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