Actor Adithyan Jayan said to have attempted suicide amidst divorce rumours; condition stable

According to his wife Ambili Devi, Adithyan is in a relationship with another woman
Adithyan Jayan and Ambili Devi
Adithyan Jayan and Ambili Devi

Malayalam serial actor Adithyan Jayan is said to have tried to have attempted suicide by taking a high dosage of sleeping pills and slashing his wrist. The actor, who tried to commit the act yesterday evening was discovered unconscious in his car parked at Thrissur Swaraj Round. People who recognised the actor rushed him to the Thrissur Government Hospital. According to hospital officials, his condition is satisfactory.

The actor, who is currently playing meaty roles in serials such as Enthe Mathavu and Seethakalyanam, was recently topping local headlines over a tiff with his wife Ambili Devi. According to Ambili, Adithyan has been cheating on her. She claimed that Adithyan was asking for a divorce. The duo tied the knot in a private affair in January 2019. Adithyan was trolled saying it is his fourth marriage. Dancer-turned-actor Ambili Devi was earlier married to film-serial cameraman Loval. They have a son named Amarnath.

Adithyan was also previously married to a serial artiste. While addressing a media organisation, Ambili said, “We led a very happy life too until I became pregnant. For the last 16 months, that is from the time I had conceived my son, my husband Adithyan has been in a relationship with another woman who stays at the house that he had rented. That woman is also the mother of a 13-year-old boy. I had taken a break from acting after I became pregnant in April. The doctors had advised bed rest for me. I couldn’t do anything at that time. The lockdown was announced one or two months after my delivery. During this period Adithyan hardly visited us. When asked, he would say that he was busy with his business in Thrissur."

She added that although her husband is demanding a divorce, she is unwilling to do so. "When I told him I wasn’t interested in divorce, Adithyan said he didn’t want to live with me anymore. I don’t understand what I have done wrong. We have tried a lot to reach a compromise. But, he says he needs only that woman who has approached the court for divorce from her ex-husband. They said that I shouldn’t interfere in their life. I wonder whether there are such women like this in our society. What more can I say to a woman who doesn’t care despite knowing that her lover already has a wife and kid? She too is married and has a child," Ambili said.

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