Kerala records 5,376 new Covid-19 cases and 5,590 recoveries on Thursday

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan informed that the state has collected 60,476 samples in the last 24 hours and the test positivity rate is at 8.89%
Kerala records 5,376 new Covid-19 cases and 5,590 recoveries on Thursday

"Kerala reported 5,376 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday," said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan during a press conference. The state has collected 60,476 samples in the last 24 hours. Currently, Kerala has 61,209 active Covid-19 cases.

Out of 5,376 cases, 4,724 persons were infected through contact, 81 infected persons came from outside the state. However, the source of infection for 527 cases is still unknown.

Kerala also reported 5,590 recoveries, taking the recovery toll to 5,56,378. Vijayan confirmed that there were 31 casualties, taking the state’s death toll to 2,329. The test positivity rate of Kerala has come down to 8.89%.

Meanwhile, the CM also gave updates on Cyclone Burevi.

Vijayan informed that the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) will keep the public updated every three hours on the cyclone's direction and speed, and will be available on their website. Telecom operators have been advised to keep the Communication on Wheels and diesel generators for the towers ready.

The CM also informed that the electricity department has taken adequate measures to prevent casualties. Due to heavy winds, there is a chance that trees could uproot and branches can fall, thus endangering the people's lives. Vijayan said that instructions have been given to trim these branches to prevent casualties.

Due to the Covid times, Vijayan said that adequate precautions must be taken by people who are staying in camps and they must remain alert. He added that special facilities should be provided to Covid-19 patients and those in quarantine.

With the likelihood of floods, there is a chance of snakes entering into people's homes. Keeping this in mind, Vijayan said that hospitals must store adequate doses of snake anti-venom and must have emergency medical kits.

He also said that nobody can predict as to how much destruction the cyclone will cause. However, the CM asked everyone to must remain united against this challenge.

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