Covid-19 second wave: Pak’s Edhi Foundation extends support to India; ready to send 50 ambulances

Pakistani citizens have extended their support to their Indian brothers and sister, with the #PakistanStandsWithIndia and #IndiaNeedsOxygen hashtags on social media platforms
Covid-19 second wave: Pak’s Edhi Foundation extends support to India; ready to send 50 ambulances

As India continues to gasp for oxygen, the people of Pakistan are sending their support to their Indian neighbours. Netizens found #PakistanStandsWithIndia and #IndiaNeedsOxygen trending on social media in India on Saturday morning. The support from Pakistan was warmly welcomed by Indians.

According to reports, the Edhi Foundation in Pakistan has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, informing that they are ready to send 50 ambulances to help the country fight the Covid-19 Pandemic. In a letter, Edhi Foundation Managing trustee Faisal Edhi said that they wish to lend their full support without any inconvenience.

“Our organization understands the gravity of the situation, and we wish to lend our full support, without any inconvenience to you. We are providing the fuel, food, and other necessary amenities that our team will require. Our teams consist of emergency medical technicians, office staff, drivers, and supporting staff,” the letter read.


Despite the strained relations between the neighbouring countries, this gesture was welcomed by all. Pakistani citizens have sent out their support to their Indian brothers and sister, tagging the #PakistanStandsWithIndia and #IndiaNeedsOxygen. It is times and circumstances like this that unites countries despite their difference.

Investigative journalist Waseem Abbasi wrote, “When it’s matter of life and death we must stand together and show humanity. Everyone I meet here in Pakistan is genuinely concerned about Neighbours.”

Film director Cynthia D Ritchie also lauded Pakistan for standing in solidarity with India. “Well done Pakistan for rising above and showing solidarity with our Indian brothers and sisters during the COVID crisis,” Cynthia said, adding that she hopes the Pakistan government will help India with medical supplies and other assistance.

Meanwhile, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and Germany have also reached out to India. Although the US has reached out to India, there is pressure on the Biden administration to ship AstraZeneca and other Covid-19 vaccines along with several life-saving medical supplies to India. Earlier, Serum Institute of India (SII) chairman Adar Poonawala urged President Joe Biden to lift the embargo on raw materials exports out of the U.S. to ramp up vaccine production.

According to reports, Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump had invoked the Defence Production Act (DPA) which says that US companies must give priority to the production of Covid-19 vaccines and PPEs for domestic production to combat the deadly pandemic in the US.

However, the Biden administration has reached out to New Delhi and said that it understands India’s pharmaceuticals requirements and will give the matter due consideration.

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