As Covid-19 cases continues to rise, Maharashtra, Kerala and Delhi in focus

Maharashtra still topping the chart with over 17 lakh Covid-19 cases. Kerala and Delhi are currently in the 6th and 7th position respectively
As Covid-19 cases continues to rise, Maharashtra, Kerala and Delhi in focus

On November 10, India saw 47,905 new Covid-19 cases with Delhi recording 8,593 new cases followed by Kerala at 7,007 new cases which brought India’s total to 86,83,916 Covid-19 cases. Currently the top five states with total Covid cases are:

1) Maharashtra with 17,31,833 cases (4,907 new cases)

2) Karnataka with 8,53,796 cases (2,584 new cases)

3) Andhra Pradesh with 8,47,977 cases (1,732 new cases)

4) Tamil Nadu with 7,50,409 cases (2,184 new cases)

5) Uttar Pradesh 5,03,159 cases (1,848 new cases)

Barring Maharashtra, the other states have seen a significant drop in new cases. Meanwhile Kerala and New Delhi’s numbers are going up again. For Maharashtra, the state has only started experiencing a dip. It remains to be seen if the decrese will be a steady one.

When Kerala government managed to flatten the curve in the first two phases after Covid-19 was reported, there was premature celebration which in turn led to people becoming careless. This had a serious effect as in the third phase, Kerala failed to contain the rise in cases across the state.

With the lockdown lifted and the state inching towards normalcy, people gradually began heading back to work, go out shopping, catching up with friends and so on. And although they donned masks, at times as namesake, many forgot to adhere to social distancing norms. When daily count of new cases was announced, what stood out was the rise of cases due to communal spread. As of November 11, Kerala has reported 1,771 deaths, 78,420 active cases and 4,22,410 recoveries.

In Maharashtra, the government declared an outbreak of the Coronavirus by March 13 in four main cities – Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. A reason as to why Maharashtra had such a surge in cases is because a majority of the infections in the state came from urban areas. Although, Maharashtra still leads with the total number of Covid-19 cases (17,31,833), there has been a steady decline in cases in the last few months, the state has also witnessed the most number of recoveries in the country (15,97,255).

Delhi has been witnessing a spike in Covid-19 cases recently. Currently, Delhi’s total number of cases are 4,59,975. The Delhi High Court pulled the state government over the Covid crisis in the capital. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal recently requested the Centre for more beds as they anticipate at least 12,000 cases daily. On November 11, Delhi recorded its biggest single day spike of 8,593 cases and also witnessed 85 deaths.

Recently in Karnataka, the education sector’s stakeholder especially parents of children who will be taking board exams and students’ associations, requested the state government to resume schools and colleges at least by December. However, it may be unwise to open schools as seen in the case of Andhra Pradesh.

On November 2, schools in Andhra Pradesh reopened for students of class IX and X and in the past few days reports came in that around 250 students and over 150 teachers tested positive for Covid-19. Although, states are trying to get back to normalcy, the presence of Covid-19 still possesses a threat to many.

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